Mountain biking in Reefton

Reefton Mountain Bike Trails

The beautiful, remote forestry around Reefton offers a variety of mountain biking trails.

The tracks vary from the easy Grade 2 tracks for recreational cyclists, to technically challenging Grade 5 tracks for experienced bikers.

Most tracks are a short 10-15 minute bike ride from the town of Reefton.

The mountain biking terrain in and around Reefton caters to different skill levels on a variety of gravel tracks, smooth single tracks, muddy and rocky roads, bridges, boardwalks, moss and ferns and technical backcountry trails.

The tracks are shared-use, which means bikers must give way to walkers and share the space.

As with anywhere on the West Coast, the weather can be unpredictable and trails can become damaged by weather. It is a good idea to check on the status of trails before heading out. Visit the Department of Conservation website to find out more.

Mountain biking in Reefton, West Coast, NZ
Reefton Mountain Biking Trails on the West Coast of New Zealand