The Bearded Miners in Reefton NZ

The Bearded Miners

In the 1860s the promise of gold lured thousands of prospectors to the area around Reefton and many other parts of the West Coast of New Zealand.

Now you can see this piece of history come to life at the replica historic Miners Hut with Gavin, Peter and Geoff.

Come and learn how the miners lived in the 19th century in Reefton. Sit in front of the fire and enjoy a cup of billy tea. Watch as pieces of iron and steel are shaped on the blacksmith forge. Or try your hand at gold panning where flakes of gold are ‘guaranteed’ to be found.

The replica hut depicts 1860s style housing. It is made of native cedar slabs and set amongst native plantings right in the heart of Reefton on Broadway just a 2-minute walk from Lantern Court Motels.

Bearded Miners Hut Reefton
Replica historic Miners Hut in Reefton NZ